Vector Illustration (misc.) 
Various random projects done in Adobe Illustrator
Grade Merchandise
Hoodie design for grade level school spirit merch
Covers were created from scratch using only the photos provided by each "model" and the logo for the prospective magazine.
Magazine Cover Designs
Designing covers of popular magazines using photos of friends
The Funhouse Collective (Phat Phantoms) | Flyer + Information design)
Designing the informational flyers and promotional content for the Funhouse Collective's Phat Phantoms NFT Project.
Tattoo Design
A tattoo design for a friend.
Wedding Save the Date
Molly and Chris's wedding save the date postcard cover.
Program Art for High school Musical
Program cover art design for high school Mamma Mia! production
Speedo Re-design
A redesign of the box for a technical/competitive swimsuit line
Design Index
The Design Index is an in-depth self-researched and designed textbook with 200 pages of graphic design history, design disciplines, notable designers, typography terms, design schools, film reviews, and a personal design atlas.

40 Years and Still Running (New Logo + Webdesign)
Designing the film's website for promotion, fundraising, and information
Gangwon Youth Olympic Games 2024 Medal Design
Entry into the medal design competition for the 2024 YOGs.
Designing and creating the school arts magazine named devils&dreamers that showcases student visual arts, graphic design, photography and film, creative writing, music, and dance work.
Website and Print Magazine Design 
Devils&Dreamers arts magazine design​​​​​​​
Personal Brand Concept
Full design of "301 Lab" brand including logo, website, packaging, and merchandise design.

Cannabis Company Logo and Packaging Design 
Misc. logo and packaging design for invented brands
KUuu Emote
KUuu Emote
Shhhhh Emote
Shhhhh Emote
Kushie Emote
Kushie Emote
Beta Glass Emote
Beta Glass Emote
Cheer Emote
Cheer Emote
Base Badge
Base Badge
1 month Badge
1 month Badge
3 month Badge
3 month Badge
6 month Badge
6 month Badge
Kush Streams (Twitch) Channel work
Logos, emotes, and badges for Twitch channel
Skateboard Deck Design
YouTube Video Thumbnails
Various thumbnails for personal YouTube project videos
WIS Sports Day Team Bandanas
An at-cost project for the school sports day, 400 screen printed bandanas across all the color teams
Program and Cover Art for High school Musical
Program and cover art design for high school 21st Century Broadway (virtual) production
White Claw Redesign
A redesign of the White Claw seltzer can.
ISU Campaign Poster
A campaign poster for a student body president(s) election while in quarantine.
Movie Poster Concept Design
A concept movie poster for a sports documentary on olympic swimmer Phoebe Bacon.
Album Cover Art Design
Album cover art for the Rich Mazi single "Shadows"

Episode 1. - Competitive Sports (snippet)

Episode 2. - Stress (snippet)

Podcast Cover Art
Cover art for a personal podcast called "learning curve"
Mock Press-Pass Design
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